Lobo: Annals of Sulawesi Research

Lobo: Annals of Sulawesi Research seeks to republish english language peer reviewed scholarship on Central Sulawesi in translation.

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Proyek Kamus Bahasa Pamona

This space contains original open access documents copyrighted under creative commons license. They are made available, with appropriate source material in order for the document to be improved through voluntary public effort.

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Arsip bahasa-bahasa Sulawesi

Arsip Bahasa Pamona
1) Awili nTau Tu’a: Pamona Pua (PDF 30 MB)
Mangkae Potengi Lipu ngKalio

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LOBO (“the meeting place”) is a consortium of anthropologists, historians, linguists and human geographers working with the peoples of Central Sulawesi to provide accessible scholarship about the region. We define this region loosely and include parts of the provinces of Sulawesi Tengah, Sulawesi Selatan and Sulawesi Barat.

The aim of the website is to provide peer reviewed research publications of Sulawesi scholars in translation; these translations will be made available in either Bahasa Indonesia or the indigenous languages of Sulawesi. We publish a journal (Lobo: Annals of Sulawesi Research) in which these publications appear; host an archives of manuscript material of historical importance; maintain a blog on new research; and encourage you to participate in our project space for open access research projects (such as the Pamona-Indonesia Dictionary).


Contact: asklobo@yorku.ca