This archives contains documents of historic, anthropological and linguistic interest to the peoples of Central Sulawesi. They may be in any of the languages of the region. To locate documents, click on the category in the sidebar menu that interests you and you will see all posts that relate to it. Click on the post to find the download link.

Historic photos of Kerajaan Poso Central Sulawesi and of Kerajaan Lore (these links will take you off site).

We will list some particularly lengthy or important documents here for quick direct access:

1) Awili nTau Tu’a: Pamona Pua pomo’uki Ompioni Pomatoe (PDF 30 MB)

2) Mabaresi Polimbayo Lemba mPamona i Piamo ndaposuncu PDO. Sigilipu, Tonusu 1990 (PDF)